Dealing with COVID-19



We remain open during quarantine and continue to follow all hygiene protocols for everyone’s safety.

Excellent cleanliness has been a key feature of Hotel Prestige since its establishment. Now, more than ever, the hygiene and cleanliness of our facilities guarantees your safe stay.

During this period we are taking all necessary measures every day, in accordance with the guidelines and practices of the public health services and the relevant ministries. At the same time, we are constantly upgrading our cleaning and disinfection procedures in order to remain in tune with the latest developments.

The health and safety of our visitors and staff is a priority. Thus, all our hotel employees have been trained in the application of safety rules and the observance of hygiene measures indicated by the competent organizations during the pandemic both with guests and with each other.

The prevention and protection strategy we have adopted includes:

  • Strict protocols of disinfection and cleaning of all areas of the accommodation on a regular daily basis for the safe stay of our guests.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are available for guests and staff in all common areas.
  • Observance of social distances and respiratory hygiene by all hotel staff.
    Informing guests of the correct application of hygiene and safety measures.
  • Training and compliance of staff with hygiene rules and basic protective measures against COVID-19.
  • Strict measures to ensure a safe working environment for hotel employees.

Detailed cleaning and disinfection protocols:

Common areas

Increased frequency of cleaning and disinfection of all common areas with specialised disinfectants in accordance with the relevant instructions.
Focus on high risk surfaces such as knobs, light switches, handrails, room keys, reception areas, etc.

Shared objects

All communal items are thoroughly disinfected at regular intervals during the day.

  • Strict adherence to all protocols for complete disinfection of items such as remote controls, hair dryers, taps, telephones etc.
  • Strict adherence to all protocols for the complete decontamination of surfaces such as knobs, light switches, furniture, refrigerators, etc.
  • Thorough cleaning of rooms and disinfection of textile surfaces with a steam cleaner.


  • All room linens are washed at high temperatures in order to completely disinfect them.

Room ventilation

  • Thorough and regular ventilation of all rooms to avoid possible airborne pathogens.

The above strategies and initiatives are aimed at ensuring the protection of our guests and their unique experience of staying at our hotel. We are always at your disposal for further information.

The Management of Hotel Prestige

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